Welcome to BeetleWiki!

BeetleWiki is a collaborative RNAi project for Professional and Student researchers to share their findings with the world.

This site aims to provide a portal for learning, research, and data deposition regarding RNAi phenotypes for Tribolium castaneum.

For Everyone

Anyone can search our public database for RNAi project entries, from both professional and student researchers. Projects are named by the TC###### of their gene of interest (GOI). Multiple projects can exist for each gene, and can also be searched by keyword, or type.

For Professionals

If you are a professional researcher that has been approved to collaborate, this site provides a structured, yet flexible means for you to share your published RNAi research with the world.

For Students

If you are a student researcher that has been approved to collaborate, this site offers several features to guide you through the process.

During the course of the semester, you, along with fellow student researchers in your class, and at other universities, will learn to investigate a gene's contribution to adult beetle phenotype. This process will consist of choosing, cloning, transcribing, and finally, knocking down a particular gene of interest (GOI) in Tribolium castaneum. Once the phenotype has been analyzed, your project will be posted here, for members of the Tribolium research community around the world to access. BeetleWiki provides a template for submitting your findings, to automate standardized organization of entries.